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What Makes Your Home An Easy Target For Burglars?

It is not uncommon for victims of a burglary to think that they were just unlucky that the burglar’s chose their property to target. However, over the years, in the locksmith industry we have helped people get their properties secure once again after a break-in and in the majority of cases there has always been at least one thing that stood out that made their home or business an easy target to a burglar.

As locksmiths and professionals in the security industry the best tip we have for any business or homeowner is to ensure that you have put measures in place to make sure your property is a secure as it possibly can be, for example if you have more security measures in place than that of a neighbour then your property is going to be less of a target then theirs. To ensure that you have the best possible security measures for your property you must first take a look at the current security measures you have in place and see how they can be improved upon.

Our team at No Shut Sure Lock Bradford are always happy to help and advise our customers on what they can do to better improve their home or business security, and in most cases, we will be able to supply and fit the relevant security measures suggested.


When a burglar is scouting an area to find a property to target, those homes and businesses with considerable security measures are often overlooked as burglar’s find them off putting. Burglars will spend time choosing properties that have little or no security measures in place so that they can get in and out of the property quickly and quietly. It is security measures that are clearly visible from the outside of your property that are the biggest deterrent to burglars so it is these security measures that you should focus most of your attention on.

Security Measures Visible From outside The Property

  • High Security Locks
  • Multiple Locks
  • Lock Guards
  • Security Grilles
  • Window Locks
  • Alarms
  • CCTV

Less Visible Measures That Make Access Difficult

  • Hinge Bolts
  • London Bars
  • Birmingham Bars

Although these measures can’t be seen by a burglar, if you have them in place and a burglar choses your property as a target they would have a difficult time gaining entry, and this could be the difference between an attempted break-in and a break-in.

Security Measures Every Property Should Have in Place

There are some basic security measures that every property should have in place no matter how you feel about your security measures and what you want to do to improve them.

  • All windows should have working key operated locks
  • Any external doors should have a BS3621 5-leaver deadlock installed

If you don’t have even these basic security measures in place at your property, then you are leaving it incredible vulnerable to a break-in. It would be strongly advised that you have your local locksmith come and upgrade both your door and window locks as soon is convenient.

Once you have basic security measures in place you can then look at what else can be done to improve the overall security of your home or business, to not only make it less of a target to burgular but to also give them a hard time gaining entry should they chose to target your property.

If you need help improving the security measures at your home or business, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today – 07702 752458



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