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Snap-Safe Locks Bradford

Why Have Anti-Snap Locks Fitted?

Burglaries are always on the rise in Bradford, and unfortunately, we see the trauma and hurt a burglary can cause a family. Around 85% of burglaries involve the burglar gaining entry to the property by snapping the lock. Lock snapping is a process where the burglar snaps the cylinder in a uPVC door using a pair of mole grips or pliers; they are then able to remove the lock and open the door in a matter of seconds without making much more noise than if you were opening the door with the keys.

To prevent lock snapping from being possible, we advise that you have anti-snap locks or snap-safe locks installed on all external doors on your property. We have found that having anti-snap locks on doors doesn’t only stop burglars from entering after attempting to snap the lock, but they also act as a deterrent, so many burglars won’t even attempt to break in. Our anti-snap cylinders are insurance approved and meet TS007 standards.

Below is a video showing how quickly a burglar can access your home by snapping the lock:

Many insurance companies require you to have a certain standard of anti-snap lock installed on your property for the insurance policy to be valid. If you fall victim to a break-in and your property isn’t secured with the correct anti-snap locks, they may not pay out for damages or loss of goods.

If you don’t know whether you have anti-snap locks installed on your home in Bradford or any of the surrounding areas, contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today and book a free security survey, and we will come and identify what parts of the property are vulnerable to break in and advise you on how we can help you better secure your home or business.

If you are interested in upgrading your locks to anti-snap locks, then contact us today at 07702 752458 for a free no, obligation quotation or to book a security survey.

We also provide our snap safe locksmith services in Leeds.

Prevent Lock Snapping with a Snap Safe Lock

Anti-snap locks have been designed to help protect your lock and door against a common method of forced entry – lock snapping. Here at No Shut Sure Lock, we provide British Standard anti-snap locks, all of which have been recommended by the top insurance companies and also meet the highest standard of security. They typically have anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump features, as well as strong locking cylinders; they also have a reinforced core that is resistant to snapping. The anti-snap locks that we install are known for being impossible to snap; when it comes to replacing your existing lock cylinder, we recommend our anti-snap lock solutions.

To have your lock cylinder upgraded, simply speak to the team at No Shut Sure Lock today. As experts, we understand lock snapping, and our services include installing a unique locking mechanism that engages with the central cam, making it much more difficult to break the lock. Our lock fittings ensure a low chance of snapping burglaries and intruders being able to gain access to your home. Anti-snap locks will prevent snapping and other forms of forced entry; they feature a reinforced core that is resistant to snapping, drilling, and picking, as well as other security features like anti-bump and anti-pick pins.

To reduce your chance of lock-snapping burglaries and burglars applying force and gaining access to your home, make sure that you are all on the services of No Shut Sure Lock today. We ensure the highest accredited locks and added security as well as protection from house burglaries.

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For snap-safe locks in Bradford, UK, make sure that you call on the locksmiths from No Shut Sure Lock today. A snap-safe, anti-snap lock is a preferred method of security for your home; they are heavy-duty locks and will ensure that you are secure, protected from any real threat and ensuring your home, family, and other valuables are safe. For more information, just call our team today

If you are interested in upgrading your locks to anti-snap locks then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today on 07702 752458 for a free no obligation quotation or to book a security survey.