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Mortice Lock

What Is A Mortice Lock?

Mortice Lock

A mortice lock it a type of lock that is fitted within the door. Any modern BS3621 mortice lock will provide an excellent level of protection for your home or business. Almost all external doors in the UK would have had a mortice lock fitted before the introduction of the euro cylinder. There are only two types of mortice lock, although there are many different brands and sizes, the dead lock and the sash lock. A sash lock will come with a handle already built in whereas a handle would need to be fitted to a dead lock either during or after installation if you required one.

Faults With Mortice Locks

Like any other lock mortice locks do fail from time to time. The most common problems we come across here at No Shut Sure Lock Bradford are:

Broken Talon – This is a very easy fault to identify. If you put the key in the lock and it just turns freely without unlocking the door then the talon is broken. Any good local locksmith will be able to easily rectify this issue.

Key Wont Open Lock – There are many reasons that can cause this fault, from old and worn out keys to leaving keys in the locks causing the levers to wear out even slamming or swinging on handles can cause the key to stop Woking in the lock. Regardless of the cause your local locksmith will be able to diagnose and resolve the problem for you.

There are many more faults that can occur with a mortice lock but the best thing you can do is at the first sign of a problem with your lock, contact your local locksmith, they will come and diagnose the issue and either repair or replace the lock for you, this can help you save time and money in the future as any further problems with you lock could leave you locked out of your property and not only needing new locks but to gain entry also.

Do You Have A British Standard Mortice Lock?

Mortice locks have been around for many years and it is not uncommon for us to visit a property and find that they still have the same lock installed that came with the door, more often than not these locks don’t meet the BS3621 standard, either because they are an old lock, or the door manufacturer chose not to use one. Either way it is vital for home security that your external door locks meet or exceed the British Standard to help prevent break-ins. If your current lock dose not meet the current BS3621 standard, then you should make it a priority to contact your local locksmith and have them come and upgrade the locks.

If you are having problems with your mortice lock or any other locks at your home or business in Bradford, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford Today – 01904 295 465

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