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Non-Destructive Entry – Lock Picking

One of the most common reasons for a locksmith being called out to a home or business is due to being locked out, either they have left their keys inside or lost their keys completely. The most common method of gaining entry to a property without damaging anything is using the lock picking method.

When a lock is picked special tools are used to manipulate the components inside the lock which allows it to be opened without using a key. The reason that locksmiths tend to favor this method is because it means that neither the lock or the door has to be damaged to gain entry to the property. If the lock is broken and it isn’t able to be picked then it might be a case of drilling the lock which would cost the client more money with having to replace the lock.

Locking picking has been around for centuries with some of the first locks coming around in the 1700s when Barron’s invented a lock called the double acting tumbler. Back then a skeleton key was used to open a warded lock. Skeleton keys we specifically designed to pass the wards found inside the lock. After Mr Robert Barron gained a patent on the double acting movable detainer lock, the process of lock picking came about.

Lock picking involves using two tools, one of which is used to apply pressure whilst the other is used to move the teeth which stop the bolt from moving. This is possible because of the slightly different sized, shape and alignment of each one of the components. Different types of locks require different lock picking methods.

Lock Picking Methods

There are a number of different methods of lock picking which are required for different types of locks. The most common methods used are:

This method focuses on the different variations of the components to imitate a range of key depths. The picks that are used in this lock picking method are specifically designed to manipulate all if not most of the components inside the lock simultaneously. These types of picks are called rakes.

Single Component Picking
This method of picking focuses on the varying differences of each of the pins to determine what position and order each component is in. A hook shaped pick is used for this method.

Comb Picks
A pick called a pin-tumbler is used in this method and it is designed to move all the pins from their blocking position. It does this by pushing each of the pins into the cylinder chambers which allows the plug to turn freely.

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