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Insurance Graded Locks: What are they?

A large number of people that require the services of a locksmith do so because their insurance company has informed them that their locks don’t meet their minimum standards and therefore cannot take out an insurance policy with them. The minimum standard of lock that has been set by insurance companies is not only done to ensure the security of your property but to also show them that you have taken necessary steps to ensure your home or business is secure. So what locks are insurance grade?

Door Locks

Door locks that have the kite mark BS3621 are likely to meet insurers minimum standards. If you are unsure if your locks have the kite mark, then it is worth checking. Wooden door locks will display the kite mark on either the front barrel or the face plate of the lock this will depend if your lock is a rim dead lock or a dead lock. If you find that your locks don’t meet the minimum standard, then it is a good idea to contact a local locksmith to come and upgrade them.

If you have uPVC doors then it is likely that the locks that you have do meet insurers minimum standards as these tend to be multi point locks, this means that they will be difficult to force entry as they lock at three or more different points. However, although they meet insurers minimum standard, they are not necessarily the most secure. Due to a popular technique used by burglars called lock snapping these locks are being left vulnerable. Lock snapping is unfortunately a very quick and easy way for a burglar to gain entry to your home, fortunately there are locks out there built to combat this! It would be worth contacting your local locksmith to come and upgrade your locks to snap safe locks which will protect your property from the lock snapping technique and your property is left as secure as it can be.

Window Locks

If your windows can be opened from the inside without the use of a key, then it is likely that your window locks and handles need upgrading. This is often a simple job but different windows require different sizes so it may be best to call out a locksmith to supply and fit new locks and handles for you.

Insurers are so strict with the types of locks that you have at your home or business because they not only want to ensure that potential burglars have difficulty getting into your property, but they also want to ensure that there is no easy exit for them if they do manage to get in, for example burglars will be able to get away with a lot more of your belongings through a large open window or door than through a broken window that was there point of entry.

With this said one final tip! Never keep keys out on display or in the locks, keep them stored in a safe place that won’t be obvious to a potential intruder.

If you need your locks upgrading on either your doors or windows then contact No Shut Sure Lock today – 07702 752458

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