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Improve Your Business Security

A break-in at a business usually involves high costs for those that were targeted. It’s not only merchandise and equipment that was stolen that comes at a cost to the owner often the damage caused by the burglar mounts up as well.

This is why our team at No Shut Sure Lock Bradford have created this helpful guide to help business owners improve their current security measures to help better defend against break-ins.

Risk Assessments

If you carry out a risk assessment at your business premises you will be able to discover any possible vulnerabilities, you may have. Once these issues have been identified you can put together a plan to resolve them.

You may already have an idea of some of the areas in which your security is lacking, however, it is advised you seek the help of a professional as there may be vulnerabilities that you haven’t considered that a burglar could easily take advantage of. A professional will be able to give you reliable information and advice on how to better improve the overall security of your business.

Below are a few tips that may come up in a professional risk assessment, these will vary depending on the location, size and trading hours of your business.

Business Security Upgrade Tips

Replace/Upgrade Locks – This will often be the case if your current locks are damaged, old or do not meet the British Standard BS3621 or TS007 for uPVC doors.

Restricted Key System – This is a simple security measure. It involves only the business owner having a copy of the key to the premises and if more are needed they can only be copied with the business owners permission, by doing this you as a business owner will know exactly who has access to a key to the premises and you will be able to ensure that no keys are copied or stolen.

Window Locks – If the windows at your business premises don’t already have locks fitted then they will definitely need to have locks installed. Depending on the location of the windows in your property other measures may also be advised to use alongside locks.

Cabinet Locks – Any cabinets containing valuables, medication or sensitive information should have secure locks fitted.

Technology – Technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years and this is true in the security world as well. There is a huge range of high-tech security solutions available to businesses, so it is a good idea to take full advantage of it. Below are a few examples of some of the high-tech security measures available:

Smart Locks – There are many benefits to having smart locks, some of which include the ability to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who unlocked it, as well as being able to grant access from a distance.

High Definition CCTV – You will be able to remotely monitor your business and they are a massive deterrent to burglars. They also work well for deterring trespassing and vandalism.

Security Alarms – These alarms are proven to be highly efficient in deterring potential intruders, it is also recommended that you put up visible signs to warn that the alarm is active.

If you would like more advise on improving your business security or would like to implement any of the security measures mentioned above, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today – 07702 752458



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