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Home Security: Burglary Facts

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Around every 40 seconds in the UK a burglary is committed. And with this stat feared to rise it is worrying how many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to protecting their homes from burglars.

Most Burglaries Happen During The Day – When thinking about burglaries most will imagine them happening at night when thieves have the cover of darkness. However, most burglaries tend to happen between the hours of 10am and 3pm. This is because most people are out at work during these hours so a burglar has more chance of getting in and out of a property undisturbed and unnoticed.

Burglars Don’t Want Household Items – These days burglars rarely break-into a property looking for high value household items such as tv’s and sound systems. Instead, they are looking for smaller much more valuable items such as car keys, wallets and identity documents. This way a burglar can use your information to take pout credit and make online purchases. With this said it is still worth storing jewellery and other high value items in a safe place and out of sight.

Burglars Don’t Carry Tools – Most burglars won’t carry any sort of tools or equipment to help them break into a property. This is because it will draw too much attention to them, and it is their aim to go unnoticed. Instead, they will use items they find around your property. This is why it is important to make sure that gardening tools and equipment, and even kids toys are stored away safely when they are not in use.

47% of Burglaries Are Not Planned – Most convicted burglars reveal that most of the burglaries they have done have been based on a split-second decision they made when they spotted an opportunity. This is where having visible security measures such as high security locks and CCTV help towards deterring burglars from your property in the first place.

In around 28% Of Burglaries Someone is Home – You may think that if your house is always occupied then you are less likely to be burgled, but in around 3 in every 10 burglaries there is someone at home whist it has been committed! It will help to keep doors and windows locked even when you are in the house as burglars will often try a door to see if it open and simply walk right in!

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