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Four Scenarios Where You Will Need A Locksmith

There are a multitude of situations in which you would find yourself requiring the services of a locksmith, some are a lot more common than others. Our team at No Shut Sure Lock have put together a few of the most common situations where you may need to call a locksmith so you know what to do should you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

Locked Out Of Your Business Or Home

When you find yourself locked out of your property it can be an incredibly stressful experience, luckily in most cases a good locksmith will be able to help you gain entry to your property without causing any damage. Unfortunately this cant be said for all locksmiths, some locksmiths don’t have the necessary training and skills needed to enter a property without causing damage and this often results in broken door or window frames so when you call a locksmith make sure you ask them if they will be able to gain entry to the property without causing any damage before you put your trust in them.

Locks Need Changing Or Upgrading

These days locksmiths are getting called more frequently to come and change an existing lock, this is mainly due to the fact that many locks that have been supplied with the door don’t meet the current insurance approved BS3621, this in turn can void current insurance policies or stop homeowners form taking out an insurance policy all together. Another reason for lock changes would be moving into a new home, most people want to change the locks on their new property to ensure that it is only them who has a key to access the property as you never know how many keys from previous occupants are still in circulation.

Lock Repairs

This is another common call that we get, like anything over time general wear and tear can cause a lock to fail. In some cases that can be easily repaired without having to change the lock completely. Lock repairs and door realignment is something that we specialise in so if you are having problems with a faulty locking mechanism then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Burglary Damage

Unfortunately, burglaries do happen, and they are on the rise in Bradford, this is down to a new method called lock snapping used by burglars making it incredibly quick and easy for them to break into people’s homes. Luckily there is a way you can protect your property from this, you can upgrade your locks to insurance approved anti-snap locks which will prevent burglars from using this method to access your home. If you have already fallen victim to a burglary then our team at No Shut Sure Lock can provide all the necessary burglary repairs such as changing locks and boarding up to ensure your home is once again secure so you can focus on getting things back in order.

If you are having problems with any of the scenarios above, then contact No Shut Sure Lock today – 07702 752458

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