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Coronavirus Test Scams

Unfortunately, in this strange and uncertain time scammers are on the rise! Taking advantage of vulnerable and self-isolating people, from financial scams, online scams, email scam and phone scams thieves are profiteering form others vulnerability and misfortune.

Recently it has come to light that a new scam has arrived in the UK in the form of door stepping. Thieves are going door to door claiming to be offering Covid-19 testing from local GP surgeries and other NHS trusts. However, this is not the case, there is no such tests being run by the NHS or government. Instead thieves are using this crisis to prey on vulnerable self-isolating people to gain entry to their homes.

No matter how convincing the ID is that they are showing it is important that you don’t let them into your property, instead, tell them to leave and close and lock your door. Once they have left you should inform the local police of their presence in your area.

After hearing news of this scam here in Bradford our team at No Shut Sure Lock Bradford felt we needed to share this information to help protect vulnerable people, get the message out there and offer some helpful tips.

Tips To Keep The Scammers Away

  • Don’t display in windows or doors that you are self-isolating, if people need to know then ask relative, friends and neighbours to inform others for you.
  • Don’t answer the door if you’re not expecting anyone.
  • Use a door bolt or chain if you do have to answer the door, this will prevent an intruder being able to force their way in once the door is opened if you are not responding to their scam tactics.

If you don’t currently have a bolt or chain fitted to your door or you do but your worried about a vulnerable family member that doesn’t then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today, we can offer advice on the best ones to use and even supply and fit them for you. Call us on 07702 752458 for more security advice and information, Stay Safe! –





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