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5 Places You Should Never Leave A Door Key

Door Key

In this blog post our team at No Shut Sure Locks Bradford will be discussing the dangers of leaving your spare door key in a “safe place”. We are all guilty at some point or another, but how often do you actually think about where those keys end up when they’re not with YOU? Read on to find out five places that seem safe-but probably aren’t!

Under a Rock – The downside to this idea is that if someone hides their key underneath a rock, then you’ll know because the weight will make it sit on one side. Plus, any burglar would be able see what’s hiding under there with ease!

Putting keys in Wallets/Purses – Again it may seem like a good idea to put your key so that you don’t lose it. However, losing anything from the wallet or purse will be just as bad and if they do get robbed then typically what’s inside includes personal information such as an ID with address on them! If this happens while out shopping for groceries maybe even worse because there could be credit card numbers stored within too!

Flowerpots/Bushes – Over the years, Flowerpots or bushes have been a popular spot for homeowners to leave their spares! So, it is strongly recommended never to put your key in one of these locations.

On Top Of The Door Frame – Every day people may not consider the top of a door frame as being an obvious place to find a key however, burglars are well clued up to this. Not only is leaving a key on the door frame visible but it is also quick and easy for a burglar to grab and let themselves in unseen.

Under The Doormat – This is the first place a burglar would look for hidden keys to your home. By leaving it under an easily accessible mat right outside of front door, you are practically inviting them in and giving them key!

To avoid any potential problems, it’s best not to leave spare keys around your property. Consider picking up a replacement key from an friend or relative or dropping off the old one with someone who will have access while you’re away.

If you need home security advise or would like to know how you can improve the overall security of your home or business, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today – 07702 752458

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