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3 Common Myths About a Locksmith


If you find yourself needing a locksmith because you have locked yourself you or have a broken lock or any other emergency situation, then fining a good locksmith quickly is essential. Unfortunately, it’s in emergency situations like this that bad choices are made. This is because the need to get it sorted as soon as possible overrides everything else. You may think that this is not really a problem because all locksmiths do the same thing. This is definitely one myth that needs debunking. The services and skills that a locksmith can provide, varies enormously. Prices can also vary with some locksmiths charging up to 3 times the price that others charge for the same job!

There are 3 common myths about a locksmith that lead people to believe this, and now we are going to debunk them.

  1. Lock Picking Is Easy For a Locksmith – Some locks are fairly easy for a locksmith to pick and any good locksmith should be able to do this without any issues. However, some locks can be very difficult to fix and unfortunately, there are many locksmiths out there that just don’t have the skills. There are lots of different locking mechanisms already out there and on top of that manufacturers are continually producing even more secure locks for doors. Learning how to pick each type of lock has to be mastered and this can take hours and hours of practice. Unfortunately, there are also some rouge locksmiths out there that wont even attempt to pick a lock and will instead always drill it, this means that the current lock you have will need replacing with a new one and it will cost you substantially more than it would using a locksmith that will use non-destructive entry skills. So, looking for a reliable locksmith that has the skill set needed for none-destructive entry is often worth the time and effort.
  1. All locksmiths Charge The Same – This unfortunately, couldn’t be further from the truth. There are national locksmith companies out there that charge much more than a local locksmith would. Pricing structure also vary between local locksmiths with some charging by the hour. This can often be misleading as you won’t know how much you are paying for the job until it has been completed. Any good local locksmith should be able to provide you with an accurate quote over the phone after diagnosing the problem for you. You should also look out for some locksmiths charging a call out fee and hiking the prices up at the weekend!
  2. All Locksmiths Guarantee Their Work – You may think that all locksmiths will install good quality parts that have all been through rigorous testing, however there are a few out there that cut corners and try to save a bit of money by buying cheap locks from places such as eBay. When these sorts of locks fail the chances are the locksmith that fit them will not come back out to resolve the issue. On the other hand, a good locksmith will always fit branded locks that meet the required security standards. These locks will usually have the British Standard Kite Mark displayed on the packaging and on the lock itself. These locks will often come with a one year guarantee, however when installed correctly will be good for much longer.

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