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Why You Need Good Window Locks for Your Business or Home

When people are looking for ways to improve the security of their property they tend to focus mainly on the doors and completely overlook the security of the window locks. No matter the time of year it is always good practice to ensure that security at your property is as good as it can be! You may have the best locks on your doors already but what about your windows? If they are left unsecure then you may be leaving your property vulnerable to a break in.

Reducing Risk and Saving Money

Not only can upgrading the overall security of your windows leave your property more secure but it could also help toward saving money on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies have a minimum standard of lock for both doors and windows. If you window locks don’t meet your insurers requirements then it could even mean your insurance policy not valid, so its worth checking out.

If you find that your window locks don’t meet your insurance requirements, or you feel they need a bit of an upgrade to make them more secure then don’t panic our team at No Shut Sure Lock have put together a helpful guide to help you resolve this issue.

The first step is to figure out what type of windows you have, then it will be fairly easy to find a lock that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set by insurers.

Types of Windows and Locks

Sash Windows – Can be made more secure by fitting stops to the upper sash window so they are unable to slide past each other. Sash jammers will also have the same effect.

Casement Windows – In most cases this type of window will require two locks, one on the long handle at the bottom and another on the small handle at the side. New locks can be fitted to the existing handles or you could choose to have the handles replaced with new one that have the more secure lock already integrated into them.

Fanlight Windows – To secure this type of window a swing lock would be best as they allow you to reach in and unlock a larger window. Mortice window bolts are also a good choice.

UPVC Windows – More often than not uPVC windows come with pretty good key operated locks fitted, however you do need to keep an eye on the handled to ensure they are working as they should.

If you wish to further the security of your windows past the suggested locking systems, then there are other methods of security you can try such as window bars and window restrictions which would prevent to window from opening past a certain point so the gap would be too small for a burglar to gain entry through.

Window locks may seem like the least of your priorities, however you can’t deny that they can have a huge impact on the overall security of your property.

If you are having problems with your windows or feel you need to improve your home security, then contact No Shut Sure Lock today – 01978 290 521



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