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When Should You Change Your External Door Locks?

The first line of defence against burglars is your external doors, so, it makes sense to ensure that they are as secure as possible, and everything is in good working order. If your locks have been compromised, showing signs of wear and tear or just need upgrading to more secure locks then it is important to do so as soon as possible. Below you can find some tell-tale signs that our team at No Shut Sure Lock have put together to help you know your locks are ready to be changed to help you keep your home or business secure.

What to Look For

Wear and Tear – External locks are frequently used, often numerous times a day so it’s no surprise that eventually it will wear. When your lock has ben worn down over the years it can compromise the strength of your lock meaning your property may be left vulnerable to a break in. If you notice that your lock has began to rust or there are obvious signs of other damage, then you should make it a priority to get it changed promptly.

Lost or Stolen Keys – This is without doubt one of the most common reasons people pick up the phone and call a locksmith. When you have misplaced your keys or suspect they may have been stolen the first thing on your mind tends to be ‘I need to gain entry to my property’ however this is not the only thing you should be thinking about. After a locksmith has helped you gain entry to your property you should then consider having your locks changed, this would be a smart precaution. If your keys can’t be found, you don’t know who might have access to your property now and the last thing you want is a burglar simply letting themselves into your property with your own keys!

Moving Home – When you finally receive the key to your new property the excitement can often cloud your judgment and actually moving in may seem the most important thing to tick off your To Do List however, you should first think about who else may have a copy of the keys to your new home! Getting your locks changed before you move in all your valuables can give you an extra sense of security that no one else will have a copy of your door key to let themselves in and help themselves to your belongings.

Break In – If you have been a victim of a break in then your first priority should be to get your door and possibly window locks changed as soon as possible. This is so important because if the locks on your doors or windows have been damage during the forced entry then this will leave your home vulnerable to other potential thieves. It is also a possibility that the intruder could have found a spare key to your property during the break in that they could use to gain entry to your property at a later date so its better to be safe than sorry, changing your locks can give you the extra reassurance that your property in once again secure.

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