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Main Reasons You May Need a Locksmith

There is a multitude of reasons you may require the services of a locksmith and some are a lot more common than others. Our team at No Shut Sure Lock Bradford have put together a list of some of the main reasons you may need to call a locksmith out, so you know exactly what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations.

Locked Out of Your Business or Home

This is by far one of the most common reasons we come across. It is a stressful experience being locked out of your property and the last thing you need is more stress, so, when you call a locksmith ask if it is possible to gain entry to your property without causing any damage. In most cases a good locksmith will make short work of gaining entry to your home and leave no trace they were ever there, however, there are some locksmiths out there that do not have the necessary skills or experience to do this and can end up causing unnecessary damage and costing you more money. So be sure to do your research before booking the job.

Lock Upgrades or Changes

It is common for us to receive call to come and upgrade the locks on people homes or business. This is due to the fact that most locks supplied with the door may not meet insurance requirements. Having non – insurance approved locks can affect your claim if you fall victim to a break in meaning your possessions may not be covered. So, when changing people’s locks, we always use anti – snap insurance approved locks. Another reason why people want their locks changing is when they move into a new property, this is simply because you can’t be sure who may have a copy of the keys and the last thing you want is a burglar just letting themselves into your property!

Lock Repairs

Wear and tear can cause locks to fail over time, especially problems like when a key breaks off in a lock, however, in some cases they can just simply be repaired instead of replacing the lock. We specialise in uPVC window and door locks and realignment so if your locks are playing up then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Burglary Damage

Unfortunately, burglary’s do happen and one of the most common methods of gaining entry is scarily simple! Its called lock snapping, and it only takes a matter of seconds. The best way to protect your property from burglaries is to have insurance approved snap safe locks fitted.

If you have been the victim of a burglary, then we can make the necessary repairs and upgrades you need to make your home safe and secure once again.

If you require the services of a reliable locksmith for any of the issues mentioned above, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford today on – 07702 752458

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