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Home Security: Sash Jammers

home security

Sash jammers are small and inexpensive home security measure that attach to a window or door, increasing its overall security. These usually used on uPVC windows and doors once they’re installed; pivotable handles make it more difficult for any kind of forced entry.

It is important to remember that although sash jammers are a great tool for extra security, they shouldn’t be your only line of defence. So, it’s also wise to have high-quality multipoint locking mechanisms and cylinders which either meet or exceed British Standards TS007.

Sash jammers are relatively cheap, you can pick them up from most DIY shops for around £10 but even the best sash jammer cannot guarantee to stop a burglar from breaking into your property, however they can certainly make it much more difficult and take a lot longer for them to achieve their goal of gaining entry to your home, and this in itself can be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break -in. Burglars like a quick and easy job where they can get in and out as fast as possible to avoid being disturbed or noticed. If a burglar is finding it difficult to get into your property, then it is likely they will give up and move on to an easier target.

Home security measures are something you should constantly be looking at and see how things can be improved upon, the security industry is continuously coming up with new innovative ways to combat burglars so there will always be new and improved security measures for you to install and add to your home to keep it as safe and secure as it can be.

If you would like sash jammers installing at your property or would like more information on other ways you can improve your home security, then contact No Shut Sure Lock Bradford Today – 07702 752458

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